Things to Do About a Sandstorm

Sandstorms occur when high storms roll across bare expanses of arid dirt, kicking dust up and carrying it together since they travel. They are able to move at rates of around 25 mph and can readily reach peaks taller than the usual 5-story construction. The subsequent cloud travel throughout a landscape of deserts (or even a significant metro area! ) could be both frightening and beautiful.

But do not get overly fussy. Sandstorms may do considerable harm to cells that are sensitive, particularly your nose and eyes. Being captured in a single without a security will feel as though becoming bogged down with glue on each exposed surface of the physique. Should you wind up in the path of the oncoming sandstorm, have cover and also do everything you could to safeguard yourself using the resources you’ve got available. It goes without saying that if it is possible to get within a building, do this and keep away from windows which may break whether the sandstorm includes debris. However if you are on foot or driving through the desert, then heed the advice above.

Illustration by Ted Slampyak

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