After Steve McQueen got from the Nazis at The Great Escape, he did it on a bike. After Evil Knievel roared on the very top of the fountains at Caesar’s Palace, then it had been on a bicycle. When Chris Pratt hauled throughout the jungles of a literary dinosaur-filled island he also made it on a bike, being chased by velociraptors. To put it differently, when a man must get someplace and be certain he looks cool across the way, a bike is the thing to do. In an era when manual transmission cars are but relics of a different time, it is uncommon to locate people who understand the way to work gears, change, and utilize a clutch; that is too bad, because bicycles are a wonderful way to go around, even if you’re not surrounded with velociraptors. Whether or not you need to locate a cheaper means to sail from town or race dusty streets searching for huge adventures in far away areas, a bike opens up a universe of opportunities which you can not get in an auto. So strap on a helmet and then catch a leather coat — it is time to understand to ride.

Illustration by Ted Slampyak